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Top Ten Long Haul Destinations For 2009.


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02 January, 2009

BA predicts top ten long haul spots

British Airways has predicted its top ten long haul destinations for 2009.

South Africa tops the poll thanks to the weakness of the rand against the pound.

Other favourites include the US, Caribbean, Asia and Australia.

The full list is:

Cape Town



San Francisco

New York

Hong Kong

St Kitts

St Lucia



BA head of UK and Ireland sales Richard Tams said: “It’s not all doom and gloom for travel in the current economic climate as destinations such as Dubai and the Caribbean Islands of St Kitts and St Lucia continue to experience growth and investment, so we anticipate greater numbers of customers wanting to travel there.

“South Africa will be popular thanks to the relative strength of the pound against the rand and the upcoming

British Lions tour.” :D

“Destinations such as New York will remain firm favourites with both business and leisure travellers despite the economic downturn as savvy flyers know there are still bargains to be had and the Far East and Australasia continue to draw people looking for real adventure experiences.”

(by Phil Davies -with thanks)

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