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Don't Want To Use 2nd Entry Of Tourist Visa

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I have a double entry tourist visa and will arrive at Suvarnabhumi next week. I've already used the first entry, but in order to get an extra month out of my visa I would like to get a 30 stamp instead of activating my 2nd entry.

Does anyone have hands on experience with this? What are my chances?

How should I go about it:

1. Not indicate my visa number on my arrival card and just hope that he doesn't see my visa and give me a 30 day stamp.


2. Discuss it with the immigration officer.

It's hard to look over the high counter at Suvarnabhumi to see what the immigration officer is doing. I'm also concerned with the idea of discussing it with the immigration officer because I don't speak Thai and they may not understand sufficient English for me to get my point across.

It's even more complicated because I'm travelling with my Filipino gf who has the same visa and it's very important we get exactly the same stamps, whatever they are. It would be a big problem if one of us got a 60 day stamp and the other 30 days. That would be a worse result than not getting the 30 day stamps.

I'd really appreciate any advice from anyone who has tried this.

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