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Fridge Door Seal


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Hi guys. The seal on one of our refrigerator doors has begun to break away from the door. Now the door won`t close properly.

The rubber seal itself is still in good condition, so basically I`m just after suggestions as to what adhesive would be best to stick the seal back onto the door.

Any suggestions welcome,especially humourous ones.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Moderators feel free to move this to the relevant forum if I`m in the wrong one

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I use 'UHU' for many purposes , just ensure surfaces are REALY clean and follow the instructions on the box which is yellow with black writing , sold in 7/11 stores .

Gungadin , try contacting a factory dealer , they should be able to obtain one from the manufacturer , make sure you give them exact details of make/model/model number etc off of the plate on the rear of the fridge .

Good hunting :o

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I won't see the fridge until the 17th of Jan. :D

If it's been shut for four years you'll be needing your bio-hazard suit even if it's been empty (you did empty it didn't you?). :o

Always best to prop the door open a tad to keep the air circulating.

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What do you mean, 'some dimwit shut it'? Most of us would naturally close an open refrigerator door!

(Just having a bit of fun). I too need a new seal for my refrigerator door. My plan was to buy a new one!

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Well, after 4.5 years I opened the fridge door yesdy.

No smell and the door seal is still good.

It will take 10 minutes to have the external cleaned up from the bkk black soot.

+ 10 minutes with the vanilla spray for the internals.

A Toshiba.

Amazing ! :o

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