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Who Knows Mr.koo (check It Out Man!)from Khaosarn Road Or Haadrin(phangan)?


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hello bangkok and phangan,

i have a problem here and its name is mr.koo!!!

he is located on khaosarn road near or at dior guesthouse or a chicken corner in haadrin on fullmoon.

he sell nice jewellry and is a nice guy.

looks like a bit stuck in the 80th with his hairdoe (front short and back long) and his outfit.short jeans hotpants and a muscleshirt, which hardly covers his growing belly.

he has very nice jewellry and either get a girl for this reason into his room or because she has an energy block in her body which he needs to get rid of.

he is really good in massaging and before the girls know what going on he has his fingers all over and in them.

nowadays his magic-hands need a little help from some sort of drug which he puts in their drinks so the girls cant defend themself anymore or are able to run away.

i am coming and going and living in thailand about 15 years and i hear so many yukkie stories about him.one girl even put pictures all over,to warn of him.

anyway.one of my best thai friends has a guesthouse for twenty years and once again a young,instable girl came in the middle of the night knocking on his door, horrified and molested of mr.koo!!!now he had enough and went with her to hospital and police and they locked him up for a day or two.

he is very clever and he knows what to say because he is doing this for nearly 20 years. so he twisted the story and got himself out with a good lawer.

the police asked my my friend to find girls who had bad experience and can write a letter or email so my friend can show the police.

what else has to happen until they can get him and lock him up????

so if you know anyone or even have bad experience yourself, let me know.

thanks and happy 2009,

s :-((((((((

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