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Notice At Nongkhai Immigration

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when crossing the border to Vientiane on 6th January 2009 a notice at the immigration office border checkpoint got my full attention. It reads: As of 25 November 2008 holder of passport from the following nationals are requested to apply for visa at the Royal Thai Embassy / Consulate in their country or nearest. Countries listed afterwards are these where most members from TV are from. Now this wasn't implemented as I got my Visa at the embassy in Vientiane the next day, I simply didn't comply with the request as I see it. But could there be more to it soon - I hope not!

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This has been discussed before.

See this post: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?s=...t&p=2427589

It means nothing more than imforming people of the 15 day rule for the countries listed. It does no mean that you cannot get a visa at a nearby consulate. They just did a poor job by just writing nearest instead saying at the nearest embassy or consulate.

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