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Korat Apartment Guide


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This would differ from a hotel listing in that it would be primarily for longer stays

(monthly) within the city limits, hopefully with prices and photos and basic

descriptions does such a thing just not exist? Like that udonmap site has a wealth

of information in their accomodation section? What I've dug-up on the internet is

just really spotty, usually just a phone number and address? hard to believe?

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Not Korat but the only apartments I have even heard about in Buriram were from some guy in the pub when I was enquiring about property to rent. Something like Bt1800 or so a month so I suspect a small Thai style studio like you see those low story "worker" housing blocks here and there.

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By the way, I pay 5k a month for a 3 bed 2 bath house on a corner plot with a big garden. I could get another for 4k a month. I appreciate Korat will be a little more expensive but even if it is 50% more expensive and then you don't need that size you are back to somewhere around 5k a month or perhaps less. You might get a studio for Bt2-3k a month but it is not going to be western quality.

There will be a shortage of good quality places at any prie I would have thought as the Thais will no pay tose sums and there are not many westerners who will either.

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