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Swift Transfers From Thailand

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Every few months, I transfer money to cover my credit card bills from the US. I usually transfer no more than 60K Baht and the money goes into my US account. I have a work permit, my passport and an ID from work along with my checkbook for the other account. The last three times, Bangkok Bank has been asking me a lot of questions and asking for paperwork that I don't have available.

The first time they wanted my credit card bills. I explained that I pay my bills over the Internet and do not get paper bills. The last time they wanted a letter from my employer stating that I currently work there, the work permit and ID were not enough. Usually showing them the credit cards, calling my employer or just refusing to budge gets the transfer done, but I am really beginning to wonder what is going on.

I have even told them that I will gladly take a credit card offer from their bank and stop transferring money in the future if they can give me equal or better terms. I have worked here for four years so I am able to get a card but they still don't come close to the terms I have now even after I factor in the fees for the transfers and the currency conversions.

Are all the banks clamping down on swift transfers? Should I give them another reason for transferring the funds? It has only been in the last year when the problems started, before Bangkok Bank never gave me any problems, perhaps other banks are better now?

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The banks are required to check where the money is coming from and whether you have paid tax on any earnings. I also have the feeling that the Thai authorities are rapidly "improving their services" and transfers out of Thailand will be continued to be examined. I have not used the BKK bank to transfer out, but certainly the SMC was very insistent on having documentation before making SWIFT payments out of Thailand.

Presumably you are from the States so should be used to the tax authorities exerting their might wherever and whenever they can. :o

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