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Affirmation Of Freedom To Marry

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I have my affirmation of freedom to marry, all ready for the Amphur, transalted to Thai and legalised. We may need to postpone the wedding now does anyone have an idea how long this document will be valid for? It could be June / July when we marry now?

Thanks In Advance


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On January 9, 2009 the Bangrak Amphur said that the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry with MFA certification is valid for 6 months.

Does anyone know if this 6 month validity is officially documented anywhere with the MFA or noted on the certification?

We're in BKK end of September 09 and were planning to get this documentation sorted out on this trip rather than doing it the week before our wedding in Feb 2010 to avoid last minute hassles. If the 6 months validity is correct then we're OK, if only 3 months then we'll have to do it in February. We'll be taking the documents to an Amphur in Sisaket.

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There is probably no written rule on this. It mostly will depend upon the person at the Amphoe that decides to accept it or not.

It would be better to do it in February.

Dependent on where you are from it should not take long to get it done. One shortcut is take a copy of the affirmation to the translators before you get the one back from the embassy. That way most of the translation is done ahead of time. Also have the translator handle the MFA part. For what little it costs it can save you a lot of time and hassle.

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