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My laptop has a built-in feature which so far I have not been able to use, or even to understand. It's called "ExpressCard" and as far as I understand, is supposed to replace the PCMCIA card.

But ... I have never seen an ExpressCard in real and nobody seems to have heard of it or knows any application.

Do you?

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Sure - Network adapters and mobile modems.

Plus eSata Crads, Com Ports Cards pp.! Available at Pantip and other bigger IT Malls.

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Thanks Raimar, Thanks Monty.

I felt like you, Monty, I have this new laptop and discovered this ExpressCard slot on the side, wondering what I can do with that.

It would be great to find some sort of an external hard disk for back-up. In understand ExpressCard can use a SATA adapter to which you can attach any SATA hard disk, but that's not as elegant as a hard disk built into the ExpressCard, like they used to make for the PCMCIA cards. Oh well, I can always use a USB external HD.

And may be in the future, this standard will actually come up with some useful stuff.

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