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30 Day Extensions In Chiang Mai? Truth Or Fact?

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My Swedish national friend heard this past week at 2 different guesthouses in Chiang Mai regarding 30 day extensions to the "visa exempt" / 30 day stamps you get when you fly into Thailand. The claim is that Chiang Mai Immigration is giving out a a 30 day extension to the initial 30 day stamp without having to leave the country if you apply on the 29th day.

My understanding is that previously you only get 7 or 10 days and it is 1,900 baht.

Is this true or just more "you can get anything you want at CM Immo if you pay tea money to mafia" fairy tale. If true then how much baht for this??

Also, anyone heard about any intent to reduce or waive visa extension fees similar to the move to waive the visa fees that is now beign considered by the Abhijit govt??

Thanks... :o

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1) So it is a seven day limit and I suppose it would be up to the discretion of the immigration officer if he were to require proof of a ticket out.

2) I am understanding that the grant of this 7 day extension is 1,900 baht, yes??

3) Has there been any more word on the reduction in visa fees that is neing discussed at cabinet level applying to extension of visa / extension of stay fees???

Thanks folks, I will report back on the results when my friend goes to immo with his "phuu yai". I expect him to get only the 7 days. :o

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