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2 Floor Unit For Rent


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leaving pattaya,

transfer contract to

farang, hopefully,

so...this way.

2 floor unit,

total approx 100 m2.

rent 7000 b per month,

water and electricity plus

1000 baht. aprrox.

internet ttnt 1100 plus tot 107 baht month.

if u get this place, u will

get some farang internet users

almost daily.

so maybe can cover the internet bill.

quiet in the evening, sometimes

kids like to play outside till 10 pm,

internet playing-things at the same

building but they will leave after 10 pm.

what is good.

dont have to pay deposit,

i have 30 000 in,

and when u want to

move, deposit or maybe

part of it will paid for me.


u have to buy furniture and your needs.

willl move end of this month,

so february u may move here.


if interested, call me

081 770 47 30.


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