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Non "o" Based On Marriage

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Here is my situation,

I have lived in thailand for a few years on tourist visa's, now i thought instead of going back to laos i would try get the 90 day Non Imm "O" based on marriage, as once i have that my lawyer can sort out the work permit and transition to "B" visa for my business here. My question is with the following situation where is my best bet to get the 90 day issued, i was thinking KL?

Marriage certificate (married to thai national)

Wifes Thai ID card showing name change

Daughters Birth Certificate (ave a 11 month old daughter born in thailand)

Bank Books (have bank book history going back 2-3 years, showing anywhere between 100-350k varying depending on time of year etc, so i do not have the 400k..)

Now ive read through the other threads but im a little confused does the 90 Day Non Imm "o" based on marriage require different documents than the 1 year extension based on marriage? Can i obtain the initial 90 day "o" with the documents i have?

Sorry for all the questions, im supposed to goto laos in 2 days but i though id have a shot at getting my Non imm instead, if i can pull this off it will be a great relief!!

Thanks in advance guys!

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After a bit more searching it appears i can obtain a 90 day Non Imm "o" with just my passport and wifes ID card and marriage cert? Is that correct

So lets say i hand in the apps with my bank books aswell for good measure...does that mean i *might* get a 1 year multi based on marriage and if not they will just issue me a 90 day single entry? "assuming my financials arent up to the required 400k"

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You are quite correct with regards above, you can get a 1 year multi based on marriage, with your passport and wifes id card and marriage cert, no need to show money in bank.

Beware about Business visa, there are a lot of topics about it in Thai visa forum, you have to think carefully what would happen if your Wife was to pass away suddenly, and where do you stand then

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Correct, they will give you a non-immigrant O and possibly even a multiple non-O with your marriage certificate and a copy of your wife's ID. A note from your wife asking for a visa for you is always handy but not required.

THis you can extend in Thailand to one year if you have 400,000 in a Thai bank in your name or an income of 40,000 a month. (Money in te bank must be there for 2 months)

You can also get a one off exetension of stay for 60 day on your current visa based on your marriage to a Thai. Need same papers and take 1900 baht and your wife to an immigration office.

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Thanks for the information guys thats great, well should i initially apply for the Non "O" multi 1 year? and if rejected will they automatically issue a 90 day?

Im flying over there on the 19th just want to make sure im well equipped for it!

thanks again for the information its helping me out alot!

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Thanks Mario, now on the application form do i just tick "Non Immigrant" and then for entries write "Multi" is that all or do i need to specify " type "o" or marriage" somewhere on the form?

sorry for all the questions!!

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Hey guys, im flying over to KL tomorrow morning, ive got originals and copies of

Marriage cert

Marriage Papers

Wifes ID card

Wifes Tabian baan

Daughters birth cert

Wifes Passport

My Passport

Wifes Business license

My bank statements for past 12 months (i do not have the required 400k in there right now but there is evidence that i can support myself financially)

I will give you guys an update in a few days and fingers crossed ill have a Non "o" multi

P.S - what time can applications be handed in? as i arrive in K.L at 10:10am does this give me enough time to get to the embassy to hand it in? if not i can do it the following day.

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