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Robber Slams Car At Minimart And Steals Cash Register


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Robber slams car at minimart and steals cash register

AYUTTHAYA: -- A young man slammed his car into a minimart inside a petrol station here and fled with a cash register with only Bt5,000 inside, police said.

The robbery took place at the Sue Trong Oils station in Bang Bal district at 4 am.

Police quoted workers of the station as saying the man drove his car and crashed head-on into the Tigers Minimart's window and took its electronic cash register away.

The car did not carry a license plate, police said.

-- The Nation 2009-01-19

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Would think the shop would love the till back, worth a lot more than the 5000b inside, not to mention what business info sales etc is stored on it.

I think they mean the cash draw which will be separate from the computer or the other parts of the POS system. Remember it is the Nation reporting this. :o

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