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Questions About First Retirement Visa

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I will turn 50 in May and I am currently here on a non “O” visa.

I went to the Phuket Immigration office yesterday to make I sure understood the requirements for obtaining my first retirement visa (by converting my non “O” visa to a retirement visa). The Immigration Officer told me that if I want to use the monthly retirement income instead of having 800,000 THB in the bank; then I need to have a guarantee letter from the Embassy showing that I have a monthly income in excess of 65,000 THB per month. In addition, the Immigration Officer said that I cannot get this monthly income guarantee letter until I reach 50 years of age.

Here are my questions:

- Do I really need to wait until I reach 50 before I go to the Embassy to get the proof of monthly income letter? Can I get the Embassy guarantee letter a week or so before my 50th birthday or should I wait until I reach 50?

- Does it matter about the source of my monthly income? My monthly income comes from rental properties instead of a retirement account. The monthly rental proceeds are deposited to my bank accounts.

- Are copies of my monthly bank statements sufficient proof of the monthly income for both the Embassy and the Thai Immigration authorities?

Thanks for the help.


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You can get the letter just before you turn 50.

You should contact your embassy about the what they require for the letter.

Some immigration offices will want to see a bank book from a Thai bank showing tranfers into the country along with the letter.

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You should get used to using the correct terminology. You will apply for an "extension of stay" based on retirement. Immigration does not issue or convert to retirement visas, that is a common misnomer. Immigration will extend your Non-Immigrant permission to stay/admitted until stamp for 1 year based on you meeting the retirement criterion.

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