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Where To Get Mexican Food Ingredients

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Hi Forummers.

My wife wants to cook Mexican food, like nachos, tacos, salsa, etc, etc...

Does anybody know if there is a shop on Samui selling a reasonable range of Mexican food ingredients?

Stuff like the taco hard and soft shells, the different sauces, herbs, etc.

Be good if we could find out.

Cheers / Thanks in advance.

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Colibri Foods in Chaweng on Soi Colibri :o has tortillas (flour and corn, both frozen), chips, hard taco shells, sometimes canned refried beans, and usually sauces in jars. All but the beans are made in Thailand, seemingly from the name by someone from Mexico. Tops sometimes has some of the same products. They are good quality except the beans, but pricey. Sampet has unrefrigerated flour tortillas from Australia, also Australian chips. I have not seen epizote or Mexican oregano anywhere. You can sometimes buy dried chiles locally, but I have not seen the kinds of chile powders used in Mexican cooking. If you find some mole sauce, please let us know :D

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