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Sorry To Report I Had A Positive Experience

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well 1 reason to love the tourism freefall.

looked up their website

quite a few flights cancelled.


special price applied to all flights, not just 6am and 11pm.

2750 baht one way and no airport tax

got 10kg extra allowance for bonus member thing

was still 10 kg over that 30kg allowance

had to pay for only 5kg (270 baht)

carried on 3 bags total about 20kg no problem

and it was a big plane, not one of them mini palnes, very comfy.

12:45 pm flight about 70% full.

could have got a seat on any of the afternoon flights as well.

wouldn't it be nice if this was the norm......

ah well get it while you can

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Its good when service is great and prices coming down....still a bit expensive, we wanted to fly next weekend but cheapest return from BKK was 6,350, so almost 13,000 for us both.....have not bothered and are going to Hua Hin instead for only 180 baht each for 2 hour journey....

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Well, I am sorry to report, then, that I have always had positive experiences with Bangkok Air in regards to extra and overweight luggage.

When I fly in from the US I usually arrive around 11pm and then fly to Samui on the 6 am flight. I have always been allowed my US luggage weight allowance (two bags, 50 lbs each bag) with no extra charge. Even though the flights are not technically connecting, they have always allowed me the extra luggage for free.

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the only problem i see with more vacant seats is that with only short notice they will cancel your flight,make you wait a couple of hours till fill another one.While this makes good business sense,it brings unreliability to the airlines name,and for those booking out of samui to connect with an international flight headaches to say the least.My g/f was booked on a 6am flight to BKK only to have it cancelled and had to wait for an 8am flight.She was due in BKK for a business meeting for 9am.On her return to samui tomorrow her booking was for a 5pm flight out of swampy,only to be told there now was no flight at 5pm,and she is now booked on a 9pm flight.........................is this a good service?I dont think so.

When flying out of Samui make sure you are booked on an almost sold out flight,not one nearly empty.

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hmm i think you have just described a few experiences i've had there, if i book an 11am flight it is almost guaranteed to be delayed for a few hours i never realised that they must be pulling a few flights worth of passengers together to put them on one flight! however their customer service is excellent when changing flights albeit flights i've had to change though due to their reduction in service.

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Customer service is something I have not received from these boutique cowboys.I am still waiting for a refund nearly 2 months after the Bangkok airport closures due to PAD.I appeciate they must be really busy with this and the closure was obviously not their fault but despite 4 emails over a perod of one month they have not been good enough to even give me the courtesy of a reply.As regards excess baggage we were charged for this after a return from the UK recently -I later discovered that this was wrong due to the fact that our ff memberships with extra allowance more than offset this excess. Our FF numbrs were on the bookings.

These latest experiences aside I have not had any problems in the past with them. Luck of the draw I guess when it comes to this particular outfit.

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