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Dtv News Txt How To Stop Them


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Hi for a couple of weeks now I've been receiving in Thai some news content (great if in English) Its free but I never subscribed to this & the rest of my Thai family don't receive any on their 1 2 call sims, there appears to be no link or instruction in Thai for the family to reply to stop them,tried goggle they don't appear to have their own web site yet i think this is to do with that new channel launched by the red camp.

Any ideas on how to stop these would be great as i'm now getting 10 a day. :o

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OK i seem to have sorted this but it appears to be a money making scheme, I replied with a txt with the word STOPP2 similar as back home in the UK, a freind from my local telewiz shop told me that after 30 days they charge you 2 baht per txt recieved but most falang don't know what the messages are saying, the biggest problem would be if you left Thailand for a few months came back turned on your phone at the airport all the average 6 messages a day would start to load on to your phone blocking it for a while & also wiping out your credit.

This as nothing to do with AIS they did not want to now, apparently my number as been sold on for marketing information services along with many others i belive 1 in 10, so beware don't just ignore these txt info message's, ie the real txt message not the free info that flashes up on your screen now & then, this service you stop with your phones software.

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