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New Triton Mk 2


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I saw the new Triton yesterday and I must say I like the back, but the front end was nicer one the old version. I looked at the interior and the most noticeable difference was in the design of the gear shifter and cupholder part. Also, cd player is included. Price is 576.000, minus 20.000 discount. 1stclass insurance, liner, tinted windows, 5000B free diesel, 150.000km OR 5years warranty....and a 20" TV! :-)

I'm about to buy a 2door Triton 2007 as I don't want to spend all that money on a car and don't want the burden of paying by installments.

I know many people don't like the design of the cab...but I LOVE it...it reminds me of some of the old hotrod pickups and I think is very sexy and the interior design is much better than any other pickup. In fact it's the only pickup I've considered buying, regardless of performances and resell value. You've gotta love your car!

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