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Second Entry Multiple Entry Tourist Visa U.s.

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i arrived on the 2nd of jan. 2009 on a u.s. passport tr no. of entry 2 toursit visa issued nov. 10, 2008. the visa says in need enter before feb 9th 2008 inorder not lose my second entry, i believe. a couple of questions for you guys out there.

1) can i do the mai sai run still inorder to activate the 2nd entry or do i have to reenter by air so i can get another 60 days?

2) that should give me until the 8th of april, i think. then do i go to chiang mai immigration to extend for 30 more days? i leave on the 18 of april back to the states.

3) if want to go to lao for a few weeks, how does that affect my time on my visa and is it possible for me to leave thailand w/out big hassle or messing up the extension process?

this big confusion was brought on by various sources (local travel agent, c.m expats, and the news of the 15 day visa screwjob). i should know better to use other sources besides the thaivisa because of great feedback from udonjoe, litebeer and others regarding my previous posts.

once again, khap khun khap!


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You can make a border run to Mai Sai on the 8th of Feb. and get a 60 day entry and then extend it for 30 days at immigration (1900 baht).

You can get a re-entry permit at immigration (1000 baht) that would allow you to leave and re-enter for as long as your permit to stay is good. You could even go to immigration and get your extension and re-entry permit at the same time.

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