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Good Tile Grout In Thailand?


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Does Thailand have advanced grouts like we do in the West that are stain or mold resistant... or is everything here just that cheap stuff that looks gross in half a year? I haven't been able to find epoxy grout, grout sealer, or anything else that makes grout more aesthetic or hygienic.... but certainly the hi-so hotels or somebody must use it?

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Up Country it is certainly possible to find top grade tile grout if you look around, and it is NOT necessary to patronize a HomePro, HomeWorks or HomeMart to find quality products. In fact the right Independent building materials supplier will quite possibly have the lowest price and widest selection of top quality tile grout from

1) Weber (great headquarters staff in Bangkok at the Thai Gypsum building)

2) PSK (good selection of Pool Tile grout, among other products)

3) Crocodile "Premium Plus ++ Grout" (very wide distribution, but several grades of products, with many stores only stocking lower grades)

All three of these brands have several "grades", but the better grades show the logo and in English "MICROBAN" and/or "HYDROPHOBIC" and/or "BIOCIDE".

Typically in 1Kg plastic bags. Each color has a code, UPC code and typically the color is in Thai and English so you can match or if you send someone to buy more of the exact same bag try to give them an empty bag to avoid mismatches.

In the large building supply stores they usually have a catalog showing grout sealers so you can select which product you think will suit your application.

All of these companies have web sites and English UNDERSTANDING staff at Thailand company headquarters you can contact by phone or e-mail.

I suspect they will all have booths with informed staff at the next Architect Expo in Bangkok late April. www.architectexpo.com

Discounts are possible on the above three brands of premium tile grout from Independent dealers.

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Thanks for the good info kb2. Do you know where we could find any of these independent dealers in Bangkok? We actually went to Homepro in bkk, and all they had was one type of primitive grout in several different colors... no sealers or anything.

which one of those 3 characteristics do you think is most critical to nice-looking grout- hydrophobic, microban, or biocide?? do some products have all 3? would i need to put additional sealer on top of them? I actually was looking for the half-epoxy brand called 'Spectralock' in the USA, which has all the impermeability characteristics of epoxy grout without the hassle of application. moreoever, they put little sparkles in the mixture so the grout sparkles extra clean :o but i'm not too familiar with grout besides that. thanks for any help! :D

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I live Up Country but when visiting Bangkok I have seen many places other than Home Pro, Home Works, that sell a wide selection of Tile and various grades of Grout. We only used a "sealant" of sorts on the pool tile grout and shower grout. So far no mold on any grout, but my wife and her sister keep the place clean!! I was happy with all three brands, but perhaps people with more tile experience can post comments. You can certainly get a list of dealers in your area from the manufacturers, but most every hardware store up here stocks some grads of Crocodile and/or Weber tile grout. Dynasty chain of Tile stores did not have any good grades of grout. Every Home Mart I've been in had several grades of tile grout including the top grade.

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