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The Nation: The Blooper Thread


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The purpose is two-fold:

1) To create a lighthearted thread to pressure the rag to bring up it's quality to once again be a viable alternative to The BKK Post. Equal or near-equal marketplace competition is a win-win environment for all readerships of any big city dailies.

2) Provide a few laughs...if you can first get through the shudders over their gaffes.

Background note:

I've tried writing letters to them about deeply embarrassing things (for any other paper) they've printed or posted, but nary a reply or acknowledgment. Up to now, it seems no one really cares about the quality of English they foist upon Thai and Expat readers alike. Frankly, I feel more mentally assaulted than informed when I have to wade through the stuff. Maybe one can embarrass them to better quality? I don't know. Perhaps only if the thread isn't squashed.

Why do I care? I teach journalism at the university level, and would once again like to use this source as a good model to my students. Instead, right now, I distribute the paper and they spend 10 minutes of each class period circling the multitude of errors and we use it as a springboard for discussion of the quality of journalism.

If you once cared about The Nation, perhaps you'd like to add your periodic contributions. When you read the publication, don't just cringe---post!


My first contribution is from today's online Nation news articles--Article under the headline: "3 killed, some 40 injured in grenade attack in Nong Bua Lamphu."

The last paragraph states: "Three audiences died..."

Either each audience was REALLY small, or a lot more than 3 deaths occurred! Which is it, Nation? :o

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