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Where To Buy A Cheap And Small Mattress In Bkk?


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I'm looking to buy an inexpensive small mattress, preferably in the silom area. Any suggestions. Thanks.

I HAD ONE MADE!! 3" LATEX FOAM WITH PERFERATIONS! QUEEN SIZE, At first I bought a Thai topper but once home I found it was just as hard as the matress! So I took it back and the gf explained my problem. They said they could build me a latex topper for 3000 bt so I went for it. Wow is it good! I finally get the lumbar support that I need. I have checked out a lot of matresses since I came here and this is equal to the best and it folds and can be jammed into a little tax too. I am leaving LOS tilll next Nov and have this for sale for 2000.00 bt if you want it. Its just over a month old. I can give you a mobile nr so you can see it and buy it if you want. email me here! It has a regular nice sewn matress cover and its ready to go now!

You cant put a regular matress in a taxi!

This is located a 200 bt ride from BTS Raminatra Road area.

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