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Attending Khon Kaen University


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This is a follow-up to the questions and discussion generated from my posting, October 2008: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/University-T...sa-t218917.html ... Does anyone have sons or daughters attending the International School at Khon Kaen University? I'd like to know your assessment of the quality of the school, prospects for employment post graduation, living costs, your experiences, warnings, etc... Khop kun khop, in advance. :o

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Won't have a child going to school at uni here for another year +. KKU is our uni of choice, probably, but not in their international program.

I talked to someone I know who now works there. This was some time ago. The program was pretty new and didn't have many students. Not sure what they teach, business maybe, but from what I heard it didn't sound like it was very good.

But, saying that, it was a new program and has probably benefited from time.

KKU has a decent website with tuition costs. You might have to dig a bit, but it's there.

They have apartments on campus that are inexpensive. Around 2k a month, but can't guarantee I'm remembering that right. It used to be that first year students had to live on campus. Not sure if that is still true.

I hope this is a little bit of help.

Being able to speak a little Lao is not the same as being fluent in it. The letters are not the same so many Thai's who can communicate a little still can't read or write the language. As was said in the other thread, figuring out a faculty to study in that will actually benefit her in finding a job is important.

A lot of students say they want to be tour guides, not understanding that the competition is tough, plus lots of time off in the low season. They sometimes don't have the basic ability to think things like that through to a conclusion. That's where you can help your daughter, by trying to get her to think about the consequences of her actions.

I've only mentioned this because you indicated she can speak three languages.

Good luck with this.

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Thanks, Terry... If she goes to KKU, my daughter would probably enter as a Freshman in 2010... She has no clue. Probably thinking more about her Isaan boyfriend than she is her future. She says just wants to go back to Thailand. She knows we will pay for college but not for her to return without continuing her education. She says she wants to be a teacher, but then why the International School? Probably because she couldn't get in the main school, given that she's been away from Thailand for four years (not counting summer vacations) and doesn't have the courses behind her to qualify for entry... You're right about the tri-lingual. She can't read Lao and only speaks the Isaan derivative of the language. I bet her Thai grammer is pretty bad, at this point, also. Her English is good, but her comprehension is spotty. :o

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