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Back Button Not Working


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You probably have add blocking.

If you are using IE click the down pointer by the back/forward buttons and see if there are a bunch of url's listed before you get to the topic you are on.

I had the same problem.Always used to work on TV then stopped. So now have to use the little arrow and select from the downlist....but only on TV and I dont have ad blocking.

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I have the same problem with the Bangkok Post website and some others when I go from page to page.

It could be that there other setting for your browser that is causing it or even your ISP. It does not bother me much unless I forget and don't use the pulldown to get back to the page I want.

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This started happening to me about 7-10 days ago also. I figured it was a way for the forum to get more page views to show the advertisers.  Only TV does this and only very recently.  All other sites behave normally.  BTW I use opera and the forum software hates opera and I can't even send pm's when using opera as I have to switch over to FF to send PM's which is a pain in the arse.

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Works OK for me, although I usually open new tabs, rather than overwrite the existing tab.

I have an extension in Firefox that shows how many times you can go back and forward - in this case, there are 5 pages in the current tab and I've gone back to page number 2, so the tab is labelled "2 out of 5", and the back button shows one more page available and the forward button shows 3 more available:


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