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Retirement Visa Extension

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I came to Thailand on retirement visa (non O-A) on 2 May 2007, visa valid until 1 May 2008. In April 2008, I did my first retirement extension, without any problems, about 30 days before expiration. That retirement extension is going to expire on 1 May 2009. I am hearing that I do not have to wait until 30 days before it expires; in fact I can do it within 90 days before it expires.

So, can I go to the Pattaya Immigration office with all my paper work now to extend my visa until 2 May 2010? Thank you!

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I went to Pattaya Immigration office today, about 80 days before the expiration date. I was first in line, all done by 9.00am. I did not have any problem with extending my retirement visa for one more year from the expiry date. But, they kept the passport and want me to go there to pick it up tomorrow.

It appears that it is a common practice in pattaya to give the passport back on the next day. When I renewed it last year in Bangkok, all done at the same sitting, on the same day!

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