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Water Pump Short Cycling - Strong /weak/stong/weak


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my preassure all of a sudden started doing the strong/weak pulsating thing..

not the most pleasant..

So I looked it up online and found the website http://www.inspect-ny.com/water/watertank.htm

but this seems to give instructions about the tank .. I just dont understand it all and since it is my pump im sure the landlord wont help.

Any advice is appreciated.

Tank you!

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It sounds like your pressure reservoir tank (that's the one associated with the pump) has lost its air pressure.

Drain down the pump completely, if there is a valve on top of the tank, open it. Close everything up, turn on the water and test.

Some tanks have an air bladder in the top that you can re-pressurise with a foot pump (check the instructions).

If you're still having problems, post the pump make and model, they may assist :o

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Sounds to me like your water tank is water logged and needs to be drained. If you have a water pressure tank with a rubber bladder that is water logged, then you need a new tank, as the bladder has a hole in it. There are devices that can add air to your tank as water is put in. To prevent quick cycling, a water tank must have air in it. I have seen at some of the larger home stores in Pattaya, storage tanks with a rubber bladder for sale. You need air in your tank to keep from cycling. Water will not compress, air will.

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This is a typical problem with most of the pressure pumps available in Thailand, the Mitsubishi / Hitachi etc are not fitted with a bladder or diaphragm and in the case where you have a couple of meters of pressure on the inlet side the air in the tank is displaced over time with water and the pump then short cycles.

The procedure to rectify has already been advised and it should also be in any operating instruction that came with the pump unit.

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