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Phosphate Fertilizer


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Anyone know where to buy phosphate fertilizer in Bangkok/Korat?

I actually don't want to use it (100 percent ammonium phosphate) as fertilizer but as fireproofing, I need only a few pounds.

Thanks much,


Timothy McVey could have told you, but he was executed for using the stuff in his car bomb.

And you want to do what with it? Fireproofing? How does that work?

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Can't help with finding it but I’ve learnt something new today.

It’s the last thing I would have imagined it being used for. When I was a kid the local farmers used it to blow tree stumps in paddocks they were clearing.

From http://www.make-stuff.com/formulas/water_fire.html


Into 3 pints water mix 1 cup ammonium chloride (available from drugstore or chemical suppy house) and 1/2 cup ammonium phosphate (available from a garden supply store). Soak cloth well and let dry.

This preparation can be used for clothing, tents, awnings and other textiles.


(Important Note: Preparation will not make it impossible for wood to burn, just hard for the wood to catch fire)

Into 2 quarts water, mix 1/2 cup zinc chloride (available from feed and grain dealer), 1/4 cup ferric chloride (available from chemical supply house), 3 tablespoons boric acid (available from drugstore) and 3 tablespoons ammonium phosphate (available from garden supply store).

Spray or brush on 2 or 3 coats.

This preparation can be used in buildings, for outdoor furniture, camping equipment,etc.

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for the moment the thread can stay as only info for fire proofing has been given on the thread; true, fertilizer is used to make bombs (my country is a good example of this; fertilizer in large quantities found in your vehicle makes u a suspect if u cant provide proof of use , however...)-- note taken, if the thread becomes a bomb /explosives DIY/ or other uses of fertizlizer discussion, it will get closed.

perhaps those needing specific recipes can do so in PM format??



(speaking here as moderator-- )

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Getting a bit paranoid arnt we folks, Phosphate or Super Phosphate should not be confused with the fertilizer used in bomb making, it has about as much in common as chalk has to cheese.

Super Phosphate is available as 16-20-0 giving 20% phosphate @900 Baht a 50 kg bag or Triple Super Phosphate 0-46-0 giving 46% phosphate @ 1600 baht a bag.

You may have a problem sourcing small quantities.

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