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My Plan To Get Retirement Visa

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Sorry if this has already been covered umpteen times but I couldn't find anything that specifically addressed this and the rules change all the time anyway it appears. A friend in Bangkok told me this was the best way to go about getting my retirement visa and I wanted to pass it by a few others to see if they agreed. First - do it in Thailand. Second - come to Thailand with a Tourist Visa. Third - go to immigration within 10-days of entry and upgrade this to a Non-Immigrant O Visa. Fourth - get your income statement from your embassy and go back to immigration and get your retirement visa. Viola. Seems too easy. I know getting a Non-Immigrant O here in NYC is a pain - they need financial info, a bank statement, a health certificate and a Police Ok that you are not a serial killer. Will I need the same in Bangkok or is getting the Non-immigrant much easier? Any pitfalls to look for in this process. Thanks so much.

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It's possible but you got the steps a little out of order and you only have 9 days to do it,

It is not a visa it is an extension of stay.

Arrvie Thailand go to US embassy and get an income affidavit proving income equal to 65,000 baht.. You need to make an appointment to get it so have a look at this webpage: http://bangkok.usembassy.gov/service.html

Then you go to immigration and do a change of visa status to a non-o visa and then your extension. How this works will depend upon which immigration office you go to.

An additional step dependent upon which immigration offfice you go to is to is open a bank account and transfer about one months inocme in before you go to immigration because they may want to see your bank book when you apply.

To avoid the big rusth it would be better to get a single entry tourist visa before you leave the states that would give you 39 days to do the immigration step.

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