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Gps For Cycling And Hiking


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Dear all,

have a question to all the experts on this board. I enjoy cycling here in the kingdom and back at home (Holland), however find that the cards being sold here in Thailand are not very detailed.

In order to find my way on small roads, I would like to use GPS as I understand that this would allow me to see even the small roads.

Being a newbie to this kind of technology, Please allow me to ask the following ignorant questions...

- what kind of device would be suitable

- where to buy this in Bangkok and what would be the appropiate price range

- is it possible to use it both here as well as in Europe (holland) (maybe using different kind of maps?)

-any advice on these matters?

Your comments are highly appreciated!

Thank you,


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Go to the ESRI (Garmin) shop near Sala Daeng BTS station. I use a etrex Vista HCX which is hand held, runs off batteries or car charger. It also somewhat waterproof. As most maps are designed for car use they don't show hiking trails but it does have a route selection suitable for bicycles. It can track and store your route so you don't get lost. Also has compass, bearing, off track, altitude and barometer functions. Cost me about 18,000 baht for the colour screen version but they have a cheaper version with a mono screen. Garmin would have an equivalent map for Holland. I have found it very useful with excellent detail for Thailand with data on shops, restaurants, hotels etc.

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For cycling I use a Garmin GPSMap 60csx, it's handheld and you can buy a handlebar mount for it. It runs off AA batteries, around 16 hours battery life. It has a digital compass, altimeter and barometer built in. You can buy different maps that are stored on microSD cards. I currently have the Southeast Asia map(Thailand-Malaysia-Indonesia), Europe(all countries in Europe) and it came stock with the USA and Canada map built in. I have used it in Thailand, the Netherlands and Spain. Works fine everywhere. And it's waterproof also.

Alternatively you can buy any of the Garmin NUVI GPS which are made for cars but also have cycling and pedestrian modes. They work great as well and also take microSD cards with maps for just about anywhere. The only problem is they charge from your car's cigarette lighter or your laptop computer and they aren't waterproof.

Garmin's dedicated cycling GPS units are crap so stay away from them. They only come with rechargeable batteries and are way too expensive.

GPS units are too expensive in Thailand so buy in Europe or the USA if possible.

Check the Garmin website for more info.

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