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Non Imm O Mutiple Entry

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Hi guys I have a multiple entry non O. Things have been sort of crazy at the moment & as a result didn't make it on my visa run today. Is it ok to overstay for 1 day & then get the next stamp? Can i go to immo to get an extension?

Sorry if this has been asked before!

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Do your visa run.

There is an unwritten rule at the airport that a one day overstay does not incur a fine.

I am not sure if this works at a land border. Just have the money ready to pay the fine, 500baht, if my memory serves.

It will not affect you when you come back into Thailand.

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It will cost you 500 Baht at the border for each day of overstay.

The only worry is if you get stopped on the way to the border at a check point.

If you were flying out you would not pay a fine for an overstay of less than 24 houirs.

You could try for a 7 day extension today at immigration (1900 baht) but since you have a multiple entry visa they might not give it to you. Plus you might be asked to have ticket out within those 7 days.

Tomorrow you would pay the fine plus the visa fee at immigration.

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