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1 Year Contracts. Minimum Amount Of Sick Days Pay?


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Patch what ever your contract sez. at my school if you have 3 days off at once and do not contact the school you are dismissed. law or not they will follow the contract. normally if over 3 days you must have a doctors letter (200 baht)


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My recently signed contract with a government school provided for up to 15 days of sick pay annually. The only stipulation was that any illness of 5 consecutive working days or more requires a "doctors excuse". I sumize the 5 day clause is to keep you from taking a 9 day vacation by merely calling off. I also wouldn't think of being a no-call, no show at any job I wanted to keep and really don't understand people who would think otherwise.


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Yes, you can have the sick days, but if there will be many of them you will need a doctor's note.

There are also 'personal/office' days, which are used to go to weddings, graduations, and other important family and friend-related events.

However, your usage of these things can influence decisions about raises, contract renewals, etc.

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