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Multi Entry "o"

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My multi entry o expired on 12/2/09 and I have entry until 12/05/09.

My original visa was obtained in the Uk on the grounds I have a Thai dependant.(my daughter)

It is now the time to start to think where and on what grounds I should apply for my new visa.

My daughter has been living with me in Thailand since 7/03/08 and my estranged wife stayed in the UK.

Will it be as straight forward to apply because of have my Thai daughter or will I get questions asked about my wife?

I draw income every month between 40,000-60,000 baht via my english ATM Visa card via any Thai ATM machines. I have english bank statements to varify this.

Is this acceptable or should I have been moving money into my Thai bank account then drawing from this? (which is the same)

Could I get a letter from the British Consulate in Chiang mai to verify my income and would this be acceptable instead?

Can I still apply for a one year extension on the above information?

Is Penang the best option for me in my current situation if I do not apply for the extension?

many thanks


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You can get an extension to support your child.

You need to show 40,000 baht per month income. It sounds like you can get a letter from the consulate for this. Since the immigration office where you live is one of those that often ask for a bank book to show some money in the bank and transfers into the account I suggest you open a bank account and start bringing in some money that way.

Also Chiang Mai has been reported to be unfriendly about granting extensions to support a child. Do you have any kind of custody documents.? How old is your daughter? Her age could make a difference since she could state that she is living with you, If she is going to school proof that you are paying for that.

I would get together enough proof and apply for the extension then if that fails then you could still get another visa.

You could get another multiple entry visa in KL or Penang but both will want to see a bank book, So that should still be part of your preparations.

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You need evidence of income. Ask your embassy to write a supporting letter for you stating your income. Translate into Thai.

Bring your Thai bank statements to the immigration together with evidence that you have a Thai daughter (birth certificate with your name on it as the father).

I did this myself in Sichon Beach last week. No problems at all. Good luck! :o

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I visited immigration on Friday to ask what was needed to extend my visa, based on the information on my posting.

They informed me I could not extend this! I explained i have a child (4 years) educated in Chiang Mai,40,000 baht income every month but it was still no!

They informed me I needed to visit a consulate outside the country.

So looks like I am going to Penang.

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