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Smoking Banned! What About Some Bars And Cars?


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Although I was a smoker at the time I was in full agreement with the smoking ban. I gave up smoking too, been of it for a year now and am quite glad. It gave me great pleasure for a number of years: about 30, but enough was enough, my health started to suffer.

But I notice that some bars are not much healthier places to be in and still end up with a sore throat or similar, my friends too - think about it all those sweaty bodies close together swapping germs, harsh and perhaps dirty air con, shouting to be heard, and positive encouragement to indulge in another potentially health damaging addiction- booze. Then there is the safety hazard as evidenced by that terrible recent tragedy. So applying the same criteria used to judge smoking, shouldn't dingy bars and nightclubs be banned for the public good too ?

Another point, again applying the same idea that it is not acceptable to poison/gas/infect those around you, shouldn't the ban also be applied to cars/mbikes or at least to some categories of vehicle owners?

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