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Look For Info About E-banking Account In Thailand

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Hello, i need some info about thai bank account. I readed alot about it here and i understood that it's possible to open a foreigner account in a thai bank even if the foreigner has not a work permit and he only got 30 days visa.. It depends on the bank and the person you ask to..

I want to open a thai account in Thai currency just to transfer some money from italian account to thai one (via call center here in italy - or same.. via call center when i'm in thailand) because i need to have a deposit to buy a condo.

my question is.. does any thai bank have e-banking for foreigner? i mean... Could i check my thai account status via internet in any moment when i'm in italy? could i send some

money from thai account to italian one via internet in any moment when i'm in italy?

I dont need any thai bank credit card or debit one.. i only need a deposit in thailand just to avoid to carry money cash during my travels.


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I opened a Kasikorn Bank savings account which gives me e-banking. I transfer funds from my UK account, online, and the next day I can check that it has arrived.

I can pay all of my bills and make transfers online, though I need to put in a password that is sent by sms for transactions over 20,000 Baht.

I am on an O visa though I don't have a work permit.

Works fine for me, though I am sure there are other banks as good, everyone has their favorites.

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thanks churchill.. I have heard that Bangkok Bank has an internet service as you said but it's only for thai people. Are you sure it's available for foreigners?

Besides Checking balance it's possible to make transfer money from thai account to another one abroad? thanks

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Are you sure it's available for foreigners?

I also have iBanking with Bangkok Bank for several years now. Bill payment, transfers, balances, etc. available. They also just started a service where they will send you an e-mail if there has been any activity on your account for security purposes.

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have E banking with kasikorn works fine. when I'm in Belgium I can make transfers to every Thai bankaccounnt. They just send SMS with the code. But I doubt you can make interational or swift transfer, even my Belgian banks(Deutsche bank and Europabank) don't allow this outside the EU.

I must ask a Fax protocol for that. Have to do with security reasons.

I have an O visa and have till now no residence in Thailand.

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