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Hi Folks

Anyone any experience of using one of these?? unlike a traditional fork it doesn’t turn the soil, microorganisms, insects and worms are not disturbed and they benefit from the added oxygen and keep the soil open and friable.I reckon it could be the ideal tool to aerate raised beds after the wet season and before mulching but wonder how it would cope with heavy soil ??

USING YOUR BROADFORK...Aerating the soil with your broadfork once a year will greatly enhance the long-term productivity of the soil.

Work backwards down the bed to avoid stepping on the freshly worked area. With the tines on the side of

the fork facing you, press the fork into the soil by stepping on the crossbar. Pull back on the handles

approximately 45º as you step backwards off the crossbar, and lift the broadfork out of the soil. Move the

tool toward you 6”-8” from the last insertion point and repeat.

When you use your body weight to insert and leverage the tool, instead of your back and arms, this work

seems almost effortless. After some practice you will develop a nice rhythm.

Cheers J

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Hi, I've used something similar, but that was with hollow tines and used to remove plugs from the lawn to help aerate the soil.

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