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China Ready To Transfer Railway Construction Technology To Thailand

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China ready to transfer railway construction technology to Thailand

BANGKOK: -- China is ready to transfer its rail route construction technology to Thailand without any reciprocal obligation, according to Transport Minister Sopon Zarum.

Jeng Ming Lee, representative of China’s Ministry of Railways, and a group of Chinese and Lao liaison officials on Sino-Lao railway affairs made a courtesy call to the minister on Tuesday.

Mr Sopon said the Chinese ministry representative would coordinate with state agencies concerned on his return to send railway construction experts to advise their Thai counterparts under the plan to build and develop the rail route system of the State Railway of Thailand with budget support of over Bt176 billion.

“China has expertise and knowledge in rail route system construction. It is willing to send experts here to give advice and knowledge on the matter from the outset,” said Mr Sopon.

Regarding progress in negotiation the development of hi-speed trains between Thailand and China, he said the ministry had already informed China that it will be discussed and approved in Parliament in October.

The ministry will then bring information it gained for discussion with China and present it for parliamentary acknowledgement in the next session, about February 2011. (MCOT online)


-- Tan Network 2010-09-15


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Understandably, the technology is probably based on "Made in China" products. So, here's the technology free...and yes, unless you want to spend years in trying to re-engineer/build the hardware/software/electronics/etc., to make the technology work you will need to buy the hardware/software/electronics/etc from China.

But, it can still be a good deal for both countries.

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