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Best Way To Send Money To The Uk?

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I am planning to study next year and I need to send money back to the UK to pay for my course.

The amount that I need to send back is around 84,000 Baht which is due at the end of the year.

Usually I use Western Union for sending money back to the UK, how much would I pay on a fee of this amount? Is it better to split the amount in to two separate transactions?

I also have online banking with Kasikorn, can that help me in this situation? The online account is for my main account though, not my savings account, so I am thinking is cannot?

Finally, work permitting, I will be actually going to the UK in November, would it be easier to just withdraw the amount from a UK ATM with my Kasikorn ATM card?

Any advice is much appreciated.

Many thanks.


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Can't you transfer money from your savings account to your main account and then send it through online banking?

I thought about that. Can you set up a UK bank account through Kasikorn online banking?



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