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Best To Marry Here Or Australia ?


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My gf and I are getting married in December in Thailand....it'll be a small family thing. Some time after that, I'll start the process of her immigration to Australia.

However as we are going to Australia next month, I am wondering if there may be some advantage for us to also get married there........in terms of her immigrating to Australia, that is. Anyone had good / bad experiences about this ?

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When marrying here you don't mention if you are also going to the local amphur to get the marriage legally registered? The only legal marriage in Thailand is at the local district office. The ceremonial village wedding is just that,,,,all for show. As for pros/cons of which place to marry? I don't think it matters much.

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Bump !

This may be better placed in the immigration threads.

To answer the question though, If the marriage in Thailand is registered then there is no advantage to re marry in Oz....the Thai marriage would be valid.

There are three options for Immigration on spouse basis.

Legally married.....spouse visa, requires marriage before application.

Not married but planning it.....Prospective spouse visa which requires the marriage to take place 9 months from the date of grant.

Not intending to marry.....De Facto spouse visa....quite hard to attain.

Suggest you have a look at the Immi website and read up on it there.

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