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Patong Immi

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Banter about has been the status of the Patong Immi Offit! Now for those of us who remember the well staffed local ready to serve and collect those days are finit! As to it being close long ago.. NOT. I agree that it was closed for a bit.. I think about mid summer. I all fairness it does offer 90 reports hours of operation 1000-1200 and 1300 to 1500 Mon thru

Sat. I popped in today looking for an official statement on the 90 report float for a first time TM7 and TM8 customer... Well, the officer (note lower case) was ujnaware of either form and wasn't willing or able to contact Saphin Hin for an offical statement. I had a few opines here abouts but will wait till Mon when I can scoot up that way at get the official info.

As stated prior my experience in getting both forms approved was so pleasent I forgot to as about the 90day report. One Officer (note caps) whom has helped me before looked up to say hello...

Does HKT Immi like expats.. Yes Sir!

BTW,Imake a post to the Phuket section I have never seen so many mid east folk as right now!

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