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Anybody know the head office address for Thai AirAsia?

They've just revamped their website and of course several things don't work properly. For a start, on the page where you have to enter your credit card details, the page is only partially encrypted. According to Firefox v3.6.10 which is the latest version at the time of writing, this means that the data can be read by third parties while in transit. That makes me feel wonderful.

And then on the page where you can send feedback, it tells me my email address is invalid even though I just logged in with it!

So I want to send them a complaint by snailmail, but need their address details. The only addresses I can find on their site are regional sales offices.

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According to Firefox v3.6.10 which is the latest version at the time of writing

Latest version ?

I have Firefox v4.3 installed.

For me every page of http://www.thaiair.com open perfectly

That's the BETA. Actually, you're a bit out of date since the current BETA is v4.6 released on 14 September. ;)

This link is only for the benefit of the member I'm replying to. Mods, feel free to delete as appropriate. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Releases

By the way, you would have to book a flight to see where the problems occur. Apart from the page which is transmitted only partially encrypted, the site also deletes the original data you entered for your contact phone / fax numbers and substitutes them with the figure "599".

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