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Ems Parcel 20Kg


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I need to send parcel by EMS about 20kg. As I know no liquid send via thai post service and this rule same for EMS?

How to prepare parcel for EMS? Package by self in home and delivering to post office?

Please toss a bit of help for me

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recently I sent a EMS package from the NANA postoffice within domestic Thailand the limit was 10KG, or 22lbs.

not sure if your'e going to mail internationally but the domestic weight was 10KG.

I was able to send liquid using the normal delivery service for domestic, just that you can not insure your contents and make

sure the package is properly packed.

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i know about EMS price list , but if calculating more 20Kg EMS parcel costs 8120 its about 19kg usefull weight + 1kg for package, 1kg of stuff costs about 460baht. I think it resonable price for fast delivery service

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Yes you can prepare parcel at home as I usually do and then take to PO.

Here is a forum link that may help prepare you for the shock of the cost via EMS.



I viewed the above link. Don't know about any such scam, but would not be surprised. The solution is quite simple. Prepare the parcel at home, just as you would in your home country. Weigh it yourself, then check the amopunt of the postage with the calculator on the Thai Post site, here: http://www2.thailandpost.com/search_ems_en.asp

To ship your 20 kg package within Thailand by EMS, the cost will be 944 ThB. The same package to the United Kingdom would cost 8,800 ThB. Shipping by surface (the cheapest international rate) will cost half that, but it takes about two months. You will see there are many possible rates. I print out the page and take it with me so I can point at it and there is no misunderstanding about which rate I want and the amount. Information is power. Know the deal before you go and you will not have a problem. Ignorance is the engine of a scam.

To ship EMS, you will also have to fill out the EMS shipping slip, and you can track the package online. I keep a stack of EMS slips at home so that when I go to Post, everything is ready to go. I have shipped and received many times with Thai Post and have many different rates. I have never lost anything, although I have heard many stories from others of items disappearing.

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