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Reason To Return - Uk Visitor Visa

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Thai GF of nearly two years got a 6 month UK Visitor Visa last year with relative ease. At that point we had only known each other a matter of weeks but the fact she was part way through her MBA at a BKK Uni probably helped her immensely.

Well since she has graduated she has been living with friends in Australia and working part time at one of her brothers mini-marts on Phuket ie NO gainful employment.

We are going to apply for a second Visitor Visa next month and I am worried she has NO reason to return now she has left uni.

Financially she has land. Also a car which alone is worth 450,000 baht, but other than that she has no job to come back to. Our relationship is extremely strong and I have literally 100's of pages of emails, MSN, phone calls, not to mention loads of photos of the 8 times we have seen each other in the last 21 months.

Is there anything else I can produce or we can say to help her case? Obviously having a MBA she is not gonna work in a mini-mart so would a letter from her brother would be useless?

Any help would be appreciated.

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