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Proffessional Construction Company In Cha-Am Hua Hin


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I'm looking for a professional construction company in Cha-am / Hua Hin for some maintenance and upgrades to a villa in Cha-am.

I need to paint the fence around my terrace, do some painting inside the house and install new Air conditions! Remove a old cement jazzucci!

Eventually also some design improvement of bathrooms.

Any recommendation for a trustful professional company or individual to contract?

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Personally I doubt there are any professional construction companies, and with professional I assume you mean to best Western standards using their own staff, with the exception of some Thai giants that build condominiums of which Sansiri has a good reputation.

Those so-called house construction companies are mostly small providers of the happy-go-lucky type that hire all sorts of sub-contractors, some good but often not so good, to do the job for them. There are, however, a couple of good British builders around that have long experience from the house construction business but they are the rare exceptions, not the norm.

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