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Any Cheaper Way To Call Over To Vietnam?


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Any way to call affordably to Vietnam from Thailand?

I was looking at both DTAC and AIS (I have both pre-paid sims) and it said 40 baht per minute last I checked. I've never used the software called Skype but when I checked their website it also said 40 baht per minute.

I also need to call Cambodia but that is again up around 30 baht a minute.

Anyways I'm looking for something more reasonable like 5 to 10 baht max because the call could end up running an hour or more.


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Pre-paid phone cards are a lot cheaper, though frustrating because you spend a long time typing numbers in...

THere are a wide variety, all best for different countries; if you look for one that has instructions in the language of the country you are callling that, is probably a good sign... People of that nationality who are here may be able to advise you better...

It is particularly frustrating that calls to VN are so expensive...I think it is principally due to a charge imposed by the local telco in-country. I never sorted out a specific card for Thailand to Vietnam


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When I am in Canada , my wife calls me on skype from an internet cafe , a call lasting more than an hour cost costs her $1.50 , my call from Canada would cost that much PER MINUTE , guess who makes all of the phone calls .

By next month there will be a phone sevice covering most of SE Asia that will enable you to call 60 countries for a low monthly fee and talk as long as you like , with a similar system at the other end , you can see each other on a fair sized screen in video .

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Try VoipDiscount. (Google it). It's better than skype (but no video link, only audio) and very cheap.

My wife can call friends and family in LOS from here in Greece completely free, both landline and mobile. Only condition is that I must have some credit in my account. I generally put €10 on it about every 3 months or so, and that covers the calls I make to my daughters' mobiles in UK and gives the wife another 120 days free calls to Thailand.

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Skype calls per minute: Great quality of sound to landlines or mobile phones

Vietnam 27.5 cents 31.6 cents Vietnam - Mobile 27.5 cents, 31.6 cents(incl VAT)

Cambodia 24 cents 27.6 cents Cambodia - Mobile 22 cents, 25.3 cents(incl VAT)

To Thailand, both landline and mobile are 5 Baht per minute

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