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Us Gas Grill...Can I Convert It?


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I did the same thing, brought a gas grill over and converted it. You need to use a Thai gas bottle and regulator and attach it to your grill. The nozzle threads on your bottle are not compatable here. It's not that they won't fill it but can't.



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You sure can convert like ThaiWx and Spoonman mentioned above. Just buy a Thai cooking gas tank and regulator, hook it up, and you are good to go. As you have found out regarding your tank, unless the tank is from one of the Thai companies authorized to manufacturer cooking gas tanks, vendors who refill tanks are not suppose to service/refill foreign/non-Thai tanks due to laws/regulations in place since the mid 1990's. I expect you could find some vendor who may refill your tank, but it may be hard to find one and they are not suppose to. And a lot of tank refill vendors don't actually refill your personal tank, but swap out your empty tank with a used full tank from the same Thai tank manufacturer as your empty tank...or at least that's how they do it in my part of Bangkok.

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