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Passport Expires What Do I Do?

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Hello chaps, my passport expires end of this month september 2010 im from the U.k an 26 years old.

what do i do? the reason i ask is because my mate told me the uk embassy dont do this anymore an that you have to send it off to Hong Kong yourself

Need some advice cos maybe he pulling my leg

cheers chaps

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I'm not English, but your Embassy should be able to do it for you. I am going to my USA Consulate outreach program in Phuket tomorrow afternoon to submit a passport renewal application, along with 2 photos and 3,360 Baht. You should be able to email the English Embassy on Wireless Road, Bangkok or call them . Just Google them.

Good luck, Jimi

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metisdead thanks for the link just checked it out, so maybe im best goin the uk embassy and just tellin them i lost my passport then they can do it there. wot u people think??

I do not recommend you tell them you "lost your passport", that would be a blatant lie. In order to go through the lost passport procedure, you need to go to a police station and make a statement that you lost your passport. Then you need to take the police statement to the UK Embassy.

Check out all the links in that link I sent you. Go to the Embassy and talk to them.

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You might get away with saying your passport has been lost/stolen, but it's inadvisable. Going this route will probably require you to also submit a false report to the Thai police. Possible double whammy, as both sets of authorities will know when your passport was set to expire... And certainly not a good idea to suggest criminal intent on a public forum !

Fess up now, and pay whatever costs and minor fines you may incur.

good luck

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