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Noodle Making Machine

Gonzo the Face

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I have searched and am unable to find anywhere in CM that manufactures moderate size noodle making machines.....

Google shows most manufacturers in China and most without any pricing info.

Anyone know of a maker or seller of noodle making machines in CM?

Got one from YOK Store, but seems a little too small for anything but home use.

Was ok until folks got wind that we were making Shan Style Noodles not the regular local style. Now the little machine just can't keep up.



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You already have one of those and I have two of them at home that I don't even use!

WHAT ???? not one reply????

I can't imagine that there are not some other noodle-nuts out there.....

I do hope you were at home when you wrote the above, or else its one heck of a streeeeetch of the imagination.


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Need to re up this thread.

Now looking for a Electric Noodle making machine. Not one of the jumbo factory size but something like a size that is able to make say 10 kgs per day, size.

The hand crank size is ok but the amount of kilos required is just too much for all our arms and shoulders.

Any one know of a shop of local factory, or even where a 2nd hand one would be available, please post or PM..... If second hand , please, not some unusable junk,




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