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Beam Me Up Scotty!


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He died today at age 85, suffering from pneumonia and alzheimer's disease.

I had no idea he was born in Vancouver, Canada. He also landed on Juno beach with the Canadian forces on D-Day where he took six bullets from a machine gun, also lost a finger which never showed in the Star Trek episodes.


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Penz, I had no idea either and North Vancouver is my backyard...

Thanks also for pointing out the more significant detail I wasn't aware of, his services and sacrifice at Juno beach.

R.I.P. indeed

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There was a funy scene with Scotty on the Simpsons.

Homer was watching tv and a new Star Trk movie advert comes on.

Star Trek 12: So Very Tired.

The whole cast were now in their 60's and Scotty was shown at his post with a huge pot belly resting against the table.

"It's not gud Captin! I ken not reech the contrrrol panul! :o

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