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Importing Pit Bull


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Hey All!

I was wondering if one is allowed to import a pit bull into Thailand. I have a one year old pit bull puppy who is super sweet and loving and I recently stumbled across a website that stated that pit bulls and am staffs are not allowed to be imported into Thailand. Is this the case?

Thanks for the help!

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Hope that's right, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier should normally not be too bad, but with the way Thai's control dogs, maybe even the Staffordshire Bull Terrier could get into trouble because of their strength.. That is just my opinion.. But would like to see Pit Bulls kept out. I know there are some already here as we had one next door to me tied up all day. I tried to stay on it's good side by patting it almost every day. When it got to about 9 months old I couldn't get near it. I think they had it for fighting..I pity the poor kid that may want to give it a pat, even worse I dreaded the day I saw it running around my soi free as I am sure it would latch on the the first moving thing that took it's fancy.

Some may be sweet, but I wouldn't trust one.

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There was a sign on Soi 10 in Hua Hin for a breeder that was selling them.

I also seen a young guy (towards the shooting range in Hua Hin) riding his motorbike with a PB running next to him on a leash.......came back by about an hour later and he was still running him....poor dog looked about ready to collaspe.

But surely the guy was doing it because the dog really liked it, and not for any other reason.

I know it's not your pup, but they are available here.


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It is my opinion that you guys are stereotyping about not only dog breeds, but also their owner. My dog is sweet, docile, and has a very great nature-- She is so well behaved, we don't usually keep her on a leash. Why don't you do some research about American Pit Bull Terriers before you condemn the breed and their owners.


I'm not so crazy for pitbull and similar dogs and most of time for the owners too <_<

Same here.

You are judged by the company you keep.

Get a docile breed. Pit bulls make a statement about you.

Of course you have already made a "first impression", and you only get one shot at that.

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I have imported two dogs ( not pit bulls or amstaff) and clearly on the paperwork it says pitbulls and amstaffs are not allowed. That being said, there's plenty of pitbulls already in country. I'd say it would be 50/50 on getting your dog in depending on how much it looks like a pit bull and what your paperwork says it is.

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OK..........just deleted a whole slew of off topic posts. why off topic/ because we are NOT discussing the pros and cons of amstaffs or pit bulls here. been there done that and its not needed here on the forum.

the question is whether or not the pit bull can be imported.

if she is listed, registered (and yes, she looks like a pure bred amstaff, staff, or pit bull - hard to see size and width in the pic) as a pit bull, she is on the black list unforutnately. so u cannot import her. try raking thru the search function in this forum there are always posts and threads on this... she has a nice 'smile' anyhow...:)

from what i remember, some other member did bring over his staffie as she was listed as an english staffordshire bull terrier (even and american born eng. staff is allowed, but not the american staff which is slightly different build and personality)... take in to consideration that if u want to move back ot your original country u might run in to difficulty in theopposite direction.

just remember that pit bulls in thailand have the same reputation as in many other countries as the 'bad dog for bad people' and so people will react accordingly,; and also, many thai especially in up country, tease and bait dogs, trying to get a 'rise' out of them. not the best for a pit bull...

the thread will stay on the subject at hand. anyone want to discuss pro/con pit bulls, there are lots of dog forums on the net...



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