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Anyone Want A Cheap Ass Ticket From Bkk To Hanoi?


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Got an AirAsia ticket that I won't be using, from Bangkok to Hanoi, this Saturday, very early in the morning (the only time they fly to Hanoi each day... I think its 6:45am).

I purchased it for about $100 USD total but I can sell it super cheap for anyone who wants it. It won't be used, so I'm pretty flexible haha. If any of you adventurous people in Bangkok want to take a whirl in Hanoi... if you are from ASEAN then you don't need a visa. If you are Western then you can reserve a visa upon arrival, or even pay for one in the airport.

I can call AirAsia, change the name on the booking (standard practice for AirAsia) and you can confirm with them before paying me (Paypal or credit card).

Post a reply in this topic as soon as possible if you are interested, cheers.

Update (alternative): Allright so my girl-friend is flying on this flight but she has more than 30 kilos of luggage, so if you want this ticket and can let her have your 30 kilos of checked baggage space, I will give you the ticket for free haha (meaning you only have a carry on). fuc_king AirAsia...

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Cannot change the name.

Actually, according the AAs FAQ you can, up to 6 hours before the flight (not all classes though). There is however a 950 Baht fee. http://www.airasia.com/in/en/faq.html

As noted above I would be very wary of checking in someone else's bag, AA do not permit transfer of baggage allowance so the bags would indeed be in your name.

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Changing the name (if possible at all) will be more expensive than what you could sell it for. The transfer of baggage allowance is too suspicious/dangerous to save a few bucks so I think it is out of question.

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